Anti-Public: Dada, Negation and Universalit
For ‘Art and the Public Sphere,’ Issue 2
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4 Questions
4 responses to 4 questions for the project ‘Our Day Will Come’
Dada Qua Slogan
On the word ‘Dada’
Brilliant Desperation: review of Group Material book
For ‘Art and the Public Sphere,’ Issue 1
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Withdrawal and Negation: 1916 in Two Parts
Catalogue essay for the exhibition ‘1916’
How Not to Talk About Art
Advice for Lacanians
Reading Badiou’s 15 Theses on Art
Lecture notes
Noboy’s Perfect
Essay for Sonia Shiel book
For the Avant-Garde: Notes on Art, Capitalism & Revolution
For ‘The Artists’ Economy’
Article 31
On ‘Article 31’ by Freee Art Collective
Which Public?
A response to the Art as a Public Issue conference
Notes On Slogans
Text for Freee Art Collective
Ben Cain
Commission by Site gallery
The Non-Existence of Art
Commission by Colony
Just Give Me the Truth: a Philistine’s Guide to Public Art
Catalogue essay for Freee Art Collective
Popular Affront: Some Notes for Ayling and Conroy
Commission for Leicester City gallery
The Whole World Bad
Text for Steve Klee
Analysis 01: On Collectivity
with John Timberlake & Dave Beech
Notes on the Idea of Site
For Sideshow
The Still: Animation and the Critical Potential of Stillness
For ‘The Animators’
Pictures From Nowhere
Text for Caroline McCarthy
Work is the Obscene and Shameful Secret of Art
For ‘Futurology’
Inconsequential Bayonets
For ‘Curating Subjects’
The Terrors of Experts, Curators and Publics
For The Internationaler
Inside Out
Text for Beagles and Ramsey
Painting in the Age of Digital Reproduction
For The Analogue Surface
Review of John Timberlake
For The Future
The New Curation
Decoys and Models
For The First Condition
Review of Beagles and Ramsay
For Matters
Where’s This Going?
Text for Paul O’Neill
Four Stages of Public Art
For Third Text
An Art of Escape
Text for Caroline McCarthy
Excess and Amateurism: William Blake, the Chapman Brothers and Hell
For everything
Gotcha: Why Trompe L’oeil Painting Is Better Than Sliced Bread
For everything
The Ruin of Walter Benjamin
For everything
Celebrity and Obscruity
For everything
Public Art - Oxymoron or What?
For everything
Text for Lindsay Seers & Francois LeFranc
Forbidden Pleasure
For Artifice
Traces of Conceptualism
For Artifice
Too Much
For Artifice
The Vivacity and Complexity of Everyday Life
Review of
Are You Culture-tastic?
Text for Outpost
Who’d Be a Curator?
Text for Outpost
Unhappy Performatives
Text for Red Dot