Propositions on the Display of Bricks and Decoy Bricks








A brick displayed in an art gallery is not the same as a brick not
displayed and not in an art gallery.

The primary function of a brick is to be part of wall. It is unclear how
this function is embroiled with other functions such as making the wall
decorative or being a decorative part of the wall. Nowadays, a brick
wall is often cladding for a building and not part of its structure.

A brick in a gallery is removed from its architectural function.

A brick in an art gallery relates to the architectural space of the
gallery. This relationship is doubled: the literal, physical object relates
to the literal space of the gallery but a brick is also a synechdoche for
a building, or for architecture in general.

A brick is a unit of architecture.

Seeing the brick is not necessarily the same thing as seeing the

Placing a brick in an art gallery is an act of transformation.